Entry 3/101: My Favourite Novel - The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

     We all know Harry Potter is the bestest book there ever was. But Harry Potter is so last week, and every detail has been covered. So, I chose my SECOND favourite book - The Hunger Games. Advanced warning: EPIC SPOILER ALERT!!!

     Written by Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games follows young Katniss Everdeen in a post-apocalyptic  world, where 12 districts are oppressed by a city full of rich and fancy-schmancy folk called the Capitol. Due to the 13th district rebelling way back when, every year the Capitol holds a competition in which they throw two kids from each district into a closed environment and the last one alive wins. Of all the bad luck, Katniss's sister is chosen for the games, and miss Everdeen volunteers to take her place. Epic writing follows, as well as two other books (Catching Fire and the recently released Mockingjay).

     This book is definitely a good read in which you will laugh, cry, and show the signs of other human emotions. I recommend it to everyone. The Hunger Games was a New York Times and USA Today bestseller, as well as one of School Library Journal's best books of 2008. Not to mention it's insanely popular among the teen folk such as I.

The Hunger Games Cover Art
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     Although most would disagree with me, the next two books don't compare to the original. Catching Fire is also an amazing book, and although slightly less of an exhilarating ride as The Hunger Games, it's still pretty good. If you finish the book before you own the third instalment, you will likely own it a couple hours after you finish. The much anticipated Mockingjay was a little disappointing for me. Since it's a newer book and most of you probably haven't read all of it I won't give any major deets - but it's definitely not as fan-diddly-tastic  as the first two. You're still going to have to read it if you started the series, or you'll be wondering how ti ends for the next five years of your life.

     That's whats so amazing about Suzanne's work. Every single chapter leads to the next and the next leads to the next and soon it's 2 a.m. and you've read three quarters of the book in a single sitting. Every event is exciting, wether it be Katniss fighting off wild dog things (I mean really what are those things?) or something as simple as going hunting with her bff Gale. Every chapter is rad.

     So, go buy some books! Or, if you've already read the series, what did you think of it? Leave a comment!

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Entry 2/101: Talking to People, and How to Do It.

Alrighty, so you want to have conversations with people, eh? Want to chat up your friends instead of just staring at them blankly while they talk to you? Well - I have no idea what to do either! When this particular topic popped up on the generator, I wanted to just skip it. My second article on something I hardly know anything about! How preposterous! But then something fantastic happened - I remembered the internet existed! So while I may be an introvert on the inside, on the internet I am a social genius! So lo and behold, my genius..ness.

Here are the FIVE most important things to remember:

1) Use your eyes

One should use their eyes to look at the others eyes whilst talking. Remember to blink or you will come off as really creepy - plus you'll get dry eyes, and no one wants dry eyes.

2) Be friendly like that

Show off your teeth and smile. Laugh at their jokes (make sure it's a joke). Like eye contact, don't overdo it. You can stop smiling when you talk, if you like. Make sure you brush your teeth if you plan on talking to someone that month. Smiling should not interfere with your breathing!

3) Use an icebreaker that's overly used

If the conversation doesn't seem to be going anywhere, talk about the weather or ask if they play any sports. This is easy because it doesn't require any brain usage to talk about, which is nice.

4) Don't say not nice things. Say the opposite of not nice things

Don't put them down or say negative things unless you want to drive the person away. If you by chance DO want to never speak to them again, feel free to be rude. Be nice, and if they say something negative about themselves disagree with them - that is not considered rude in the particular scenario. I know it's confusing but just do it.

5) Just... Do it and stuff (Copyright infringement avoidance FTW)

Just tell yourself you can do it and you will. It's as simple as that. So get off the internet and talk to someone! (After reading all of my entries and learning to emulate my worldview, of course)

So there you have it, folks. My infinite wisdom on talking and what not. I figured since there are probably millions of people trying to help you and me out with our social affairs, I would make a fun time about it. Therefore I used words like therefore and lo and behold. I hope you appreciate this and leave a comment about your experiences with talking and being social.

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Entry 1/101: My Favourite "Newscaster"

While my favourite newscaster may not be 'officially' a newscaster, he is by far one of the best out there. I don't regularly watch the news, but if Craig (aka WheezyWaiter) were to be hired by CTV I wouldn't be able to pull myself away from the screen! 28 year old Wheezywaiter is a relatively well known youtube vlogger that often refers to current events in his videos - when he's not killing his clones and causing explosions, of course. Somehow Craig finds a way to inform his viewers on news and issues, but also makes them laugh at the same time. It's not very often you come across the words 'fun', 'news' and 'learning' -  but Craig seems to be pulling it off. Personally, I think he must have been bitten by a radio-active newscasting spider - It's the only way it makes sense!

Wheezy started his vlogs in June 2007, and since then has uploaded 392 videos and has 188,182 subscribers on youtube as of September 17, 2010. He uploads his vlogs every work day, and although this means lots of videos to watch, It leaves me dissapointed on the weekends when I have more time to watch youtube and theres nothing new from my favourite youtuber.  My only advice to Wheezy is to move his days off to sometime in the work week, so we can have new content on weekends when were really watching.

Craig has numerous 'schticks' and 'things', so you might need to watch some of the past videos to get if your a new viewer. Simple things such as breathing, handstands, clones, beards, alligator pits, sky banks, whale tanks, and Michael Phelps are what make Wheezywaiter hilarious and original. I fear I might start sounding like a Wheezy Beard-Loving Waiter fanboy, but Craig is a phenomenal youtuber, and he is by far one of the best.

I have been watching Craig for a couple months and really have enjoyed his work. Since my opinion is the right opinion and never wrong (remember that), you should like him, too. Head on down to his channel and give him a sub!

Craig is definitely one of the best youtubers out there and indeed my favourite 'newscaster'. And so ends the first article of 101Flavours. It is indeed a worthy topic. So, who is YOUR favourite newscaster? What about your favourite youtuber? Leave a comment, or just navigate away from this page. It's really up to you.

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